Cover Up Your Scars, Not Your Body

Visit us for scar camouflage treatment in Bordentown, NJ

Don't hide your skin because you're embarrassed by your scars. Make a skin camouflage appointment at The Skin Medic in Bordentown, New Jersey. We'll examine your skin and explain how we can eliminate your scars. Our specialist will blend in your scar with your normal skin tone to make it seemingly vanish for good.

Say goodbye to your scars and hello to confidence! Contact us today to arrange for scar camouflage treatment.

Why should you tattoo your areolas?

You can tattoo your areolas for a variety of reasons. Schedule areola tattooing in Bordentown, New Jersey if:

  • You just had breast reconstruction surgery
  • You're a recovering breast cancer patient
  • You've never liked the look of your areolas
  • You have permanent scars on your breasts

We'll discuss your needs with you to determine the most effective way to give you the look you want. Call us at 609-422-7544 now to schedule an areola tattooing consultation.