Get Fresh, Youthful Skin Again

Set up microneedling services in Bordentown, NJ

Do you feel like your skin could use some rejuvenation? Are your eyebrows beginning to thin? Whatever the case may be, you can turn to the experts at The Skin Medic for the right skin care treatment. We offer microneedling, also known as microchanneling, services at our salon in Bordentown, NJ.

Microneedling is a simple procedure that involves taking a disc based device with 25 evenly spaced tiny needles to gently stamp into the skin. This encourages healthy genetic messaging to the cells and increases long lasting collagen, elastic, and fibrin development. This opens up your skin and draws nutrients to the surface.

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Why should you try microneedling?

More people are turning to microneedling because it offers a variety of benefits. Set up a skin care treatment appointment with The Skin Medic today because microneedling:

  • Offers immediate and cumulative results
  • Can reduce cellulite and scar tissue
  • Creates plump, pink and luminous skin
  • Spurs hair growth and is great for patchy beards or thinning eyebrows

Take advantage of this revolutionary skin care treatment option. Set up a microchanneling appointment in Bordentown, NJ today.